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Created on Surface | Megan and Marshall Dostal

We collect waste oil from restaurants.

We convert that into biodiesel.

When you make that your byproduct is glycerin.

We put it into our soap, our lotion, and we sell the soap right back to the restaurants.

Further, right now is in the top restaurants across the country, some of the nicest hotels, and best retailers.

Surface helps us stay in communication and connect.

Megan is in charge of packaging, fragrances.

Marshall does all the billing, all the shipping.

We look to devices that make our lives simpler.

Surface has all the power of the desktop, it’s got all the programs that I use, Excel, PowerPoint, but then it’s also really convenient because I can just pick it up and take it out to the warehouse.

I was a Mac guy, but what I like about the Surface is that I can use it to manage our inventory.

I can use the keyboard and also the pen at the same time.

I can’t do that on a Mac.

It’s versatile and has everything I need.

I’ll go from One Note to Power Point, to downloading an image, to communicating with retailers all day.

If i'm on a conference call it's very comfortable to be able to write to keep all my notes in one place.

Then you have Cortana, and I can either ask question or I can put in a reminder.

Having the pen is like the ultimate time-saver.

The small idea can turn into a big idea and the Surface has been there every step of the way.

Source: Youtube

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