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Microsoft Surface Studio Hands On Review

– Hey, everybody.

It's Roberto.

And so I'm geeking outright now at Adobe Max, the greatest creativeconference in the world, and there's a lot cool things here, including the Microsoft Surface Studio.

This thing is amazing,this thing is baller.

It's probably the greatestpiece of creative tech that I've seen thus far.

And so I wanna show you guysmy first-hand experience with the Microsoft Surface Studio.

And it really is anall-in-one studio, guys.

You gotta check this out.

So, let's go ahead and hop into it.

(upbeat music) Hey everybody, it's Roberto.

So, I've got the Microsoft Surface here.

I'm gonna get hands on, I'mgonna just play with this.

Steve showed me how it works.

I'm gonna geek out with you guys over this and I'm just gonna play around.

It's like, I don't really 110%know where I want to start.

But this is just so cool to be using this.

I think I'll startsimply with like the fact that it can tilt up like this.

We've got the palm projection features, we've got everything.

Let's go ahead and tryto actually do something interesting here.

So I'm gonna find myself a pencil.

And I'm just gonna try to messaround with this a little bit you guys and just see what someone like me might do with this.

It's not my traditional mode.

I'm not a digital illustrator by trade, but I'm just gonna play aroundand we'll see what happens.

So, just gonna put this spacedown, then I'll work on this, kind of like how I would if I were sketching something at home.

I'm gonna do something Ihaven't done in a long time.

I'm gonna actually sketch anoriginal character of mine.

We're zoomed in a lot here.

We're zoomed to 1,800%,so let's go ahead and put the Microsoft Surfacedial on here, let push in and let's go to the zoom.

So we got the zoom selected.

So I'll use this dial to zoom out.

Alright, so I've gotmore of the canvas here, zoom out some more.

(upbeat music) So guys, I don't know if youcan see what's going on here but I'll show you guyswith the zoom feature.

So I zoom in a little bit.

And so you can see I'm going back on line.

This is amazing and theSurface dial actually works even off screen.

You can zoom in here.

Again, this is like supersuper rough sketching.

And pressure-sensored so youcan put your pen in place I do like the Surface pen.

In my mind, it's actuallyeasier to control than the Apple pencil.

So I'm really digging that.

(upbeat music) Yeah, let's see if I canget one of these, guys.

Microsoft's willing togive me one of these, even if it's a loan, that'd be amazing.

But in the meantime, I'mgetting hands on with it and I've gotta say, Ireally dig what it is.

It is gonna get me intodoing like sketchbook stuff in Photoshop, even beyond whata tablet at home lets me do because it's just soconvenient to just have it.

Just like this and just be able to work.

And to work on it just like it's an easel, just like it's a real sketchbook.

And that's what it feels like to me.

It just feels like I'mworking in my art pad.

It feels like I'm working on an easel and that's just incredible.

– [Man] So he'll be out in a little bit.

– Okay, that's cool.

So I think if you area traditional artist, I think if you're a comic book person, that this is game changing for you.

I can see myself usingit in that capacity.

I can also see from a designstandpoint using this a lot for digital painting, for doinga lot of photo retouching, photorealistic stuff.

I think that would be fantastic.

But using it completelyfrom a drawing perspective, it's just been a lot of fun.

I'm really enjoying that.

And again, just messingwith this, it made me revisit something thatI haven't in a while.

I mean, I grew up doing illustration and just messing around,and doing it myself for fun.

And this is something thatcould make me do that.

Would I wanna pay four, five grand just for a nice digital sketchbook? No.

But I think in general, thatthis proves kinda the point that Microsoft Surface line in general, in terms of the Surfacestudio, the Surface Pro, and the Surface Book, I thinkthat it just kinda proves that if can have a digital artstudio with you at all times, how valuable that could be.

From a design standpoint, this is amazing.

Microsoft hit it out of the park.

Everything as far asthe guts of your machine is right down here.

It's a fantastically intuitive device.

I love using the Microsoftpen, it's intuitive.

I love that it erases,unlike the Apple pencil, this actually functions like a pencil so you can use it in that capacity.

So I really dig that.

Pressure-sensitivity works fantastic.

If I do this harder, I get a darker line.

Thinner, I get a lighter line.

It does everything that you would imagine.

It functions really intuitively and that's why I'm ableto feel very comfortable sketching with it here, muchthe same way that I would on pencil and paper, soI'm really digging that.

So guys, getting hands on withthe Microsoft Surface Studio is fantastic.

And I really dig what's going on with it.

I love the job Microsoft did both from a design andfunctionality standpoint, I think that that's incredible.

Just being able to get backinto the idea of just doing art right here digitally, muchin the same way that I would with a traditional pen and paperdeal and being able to know that I can erase, I cando everything intuitively the way that God intended.

So that's just amazing, and again, I don't sketch in Photoshop at all because I haven't had a tool like this.

I haven't done digitalillustration and Photoshop in the longest time, simply because I didn't have a tool like this.

So is it worth it? Absolutely, in my opinion, if you're a traditional illustrator, if you're someone whodoes photo manipulation on an advanced level, if youare a studio or an agency, I think this is the go-to tool, I think this is an ultimate solution and I definitely recommend picking one up.

I know they won't be out until 2017, but it's worth the wait,the best things are.

So that's my hands-on first impressions of the Microsoft Surface studio.

I've loved geeking out over it.

I think it's incredible.

I love the Surface dialand the pen is intuitive, it's fantastic.

So this has been a lot of fun.

(upbeat music) So there you have it.

My own first-hand experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro Studio.

I mean, the Surface Studio is amazing.

It's an amazing piece of tech,it is an engineering marvel, it's designed beautifully.

Apple, you've lost, my friends.

As far as cool stuff for creatives, Microsoft's crushing it right now.

I don't know what Apple isdoing as far as the hardware.

I guess they're all inon the mobile devices.

I still love my Apple mobile devices, you guys know I justcaught the new Apple watch, so it's not like I'm an Apple hater.

I just am a big fan ofwhat Microsoft is doing with innovation because that'swhat creatives care about.

We care about innovation, wecare about great aesthetic and design, and we care about things that let us do our work easier.

So I think this is great.

I think that if you're someone who wants something lesscumbersome than having your desktop and a Wacom Cintiq, thenthis is ideal and I loved it.

So I definitely encourageyou guys to check this out if it's in your budget,which it may not be, you should definitely get one.

I'm going to find a fewhigh-priced clients, charge them as much as possible, and I'm gonna get one ofthese in the new year.

That's what I'm gonna do.

So anyway, thanks you guys so much.

Leave me your questionsabout the Surface Studio or any other of theMicrosoft Surface products in the comments section.

I definitely encourage you to check out the links in the description.

Guys, this is just amazing and I love it, I'm in love with it.

I wanna get one.

Alright, so anyway, remember go out there, create something awesome today.

I'm just gonna keep geekingout over this awesome gear.

Take care, you guys.

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