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Omaha Public Schools goes to the head of the class with Surface Pro and Windows 10

(bright guitar and piano music) – [Dr.

Steven] We livein the 21st century, but when we walk throughthe school house doors we revert back to 1950.

That type of mentality's gotta change.

It really is an expectation for students to be tech-savvy to have accessibility not just to technology,but to quality technology.

– This last year wepurchased a little over 2,000 Surfaces for teachers and for students.

Every single one of those runs Windows 10 and we've also movedthe rest of the Surfaces that we had boughtpreviously to Windows 10.

– I love watching ourteachers use their Surfaces and Windows 10 together in the classroom.

– Our first problem, let memake it a little bit bigger.

– [Rebecca] They can be mobile, we got wireless display adapters.

I love Task View how they can swipe and get to what they need quickly.

– My favorite feature using Windows 10 probably are the multiple desktops.

I like being able to have certain things that I have up, but yet having my students see something completely different.

– Instead of just handingstudents a Surface and say, "Hey, hereyou go, let's explore," we really did have a setschedule that we rolled it out.

From just learning how to use the pen and understanding how to set your profile.

– The biggest difference I've seen with Surface and Windows 10 really comes through being able to develop more collaboration, get studentsinvolved in the classroom.

– Count with me as we get to 12.

– [Everyone] One, two, three, — – Students that didn'treally like to do math or reading now are actuallyanswering questions during that process.

– Can you see that? Do you see what she did? – One thing that they'vebeen very excited about is the camera app.

Opening up their minds to realizing they can take photos, they can do video, they can do sound.

– A lot of teachers are really liking the Web Note feature and Edge and being able to go to awebpage and ink that up.

– Sway has been a great tool for me to use to get some content and somepictures in there quick.

– We're looking at theSurface line as a different experience for teachers and students.

Whenever I look at a SurfacePro 4 I'm really looking at a greater experience for teachers.

Looking at Windows Hello, looking at differentauthentication features.

It's important to have that larger screen.

I personally have aSurface book and I love it.

It's great to have that additional battery that's built into the keyboard.

It's very crisp on the keys.

As many times as wecan create efficiencies for teachers and students,that's your best investment.

– Before it really was typeup your essay and that's it.

Now, we have all of these opportunities and all of the kids have equal access to those opportunities.

– It's all a part of a larger vision and a larger scheme to really bring a mobile-ready user to the front.

Windows 10 allows us to do that.

(bright, digital music).

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