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Samsung Galaxy S8: The All Glass Glory! (Leaks + Rumors+special fingerprint sensor)

hey whats up guys Osburn here and in this video we shall be discussing about the few rumors and leaks that have been going around about the s8 some of them are confirmed rumors and some of them are speculations that all the things that we want to like to see in the s8 so considering the note 7 took a major hit by Samsung I think the samsung s 8 will be something of a revolutionary device now that being said the links to all of these articles from where i got this knowledge from is down in the description box so go ahead and check those out if you want to read more in depth now i will be looking down at my notes as i prepared so that i can give you accurate amount of information and I don’t leave out any of the information needed so I have categorized this into five major leaks that have surfaced over the internet and some of them are huge and some of them you know what kind of being expected of Samsung so the first one is that it was confirmed that in december that synaptics about is launching a new optical fingerprint scanner for the s8 and it’s developing it and that is a confirmed movie can expect and what would do it is it will improve with the security as it will provide a sort of military-grade biometric fingerprint security which will be really a good for android pay as well and this may hint or this is hinting that they won’t be any physical home button from now on it will just be an entire glass panel and i’ll get to why they are doing this later in this video but that will mean that it will make the entire phone a completely one piece glass display that it’s really nice to see now the next Samsung is reportedly going to be having two sort of displays and this is they’re going to do away with the flat display allegedly I don’t know how far this is true and both of these displays the 5.1 inch and the 5.7 inch are going to be curved displays because they have seen that curved phones are selling more as compared to the flat once so the 5.7 inch will have the new 4k panel now it is yet to see how this one will perform with the battery installed with it and the 5.1 inch will have a qHD panel that is running currently in the s7 but with minor improvements in pixel density there is also rumored that Samsung is working on a new camera system preferably it’s between the 18-24 mega-pixel range and it will have a wider f/1.4 aperture as compared to f/1.7 that is used now so that means better low-light photography and overall a great sort of depth into the photos now speaking of that it is rumored that it’s going to have a dual lens set up its not yet confirmed what the secondary camera will sort of function as whether it’s going to be a death sensor or sort of motion sensor but it is rumored that two sort of camera setup is the future that Samson is looking at and considering some of the major of manufacturers of smartphones having moved towards it i think Samsung is not the one who is going to be left behind now the internals are mostly what we would expect or a better processor that is it’s going to be fitted with the octa-core 830 Snapdragon which is going to be clocked at 3.3 gigahertz and which is going to come with obviously six gigabytes of RAM now there is also going to be an Exynos varient of this as usual and in this variant of Samsung is working with third-party graphic providers in order to provide a better graphic experience so you never know the exynox processor may actually perform better than the snapdragon variant now lastly I will come to the price and some of the additional features the price is rumored to be at $850 US dollars and the additional features that include is that it’s going the Apple route and it’s going to be eliminating the headphone jack so allegedly so let’s hope that that does not happen because it’s going to provide a major sort of android users who use or your 3.5mm jack have to move force towards the USB-C Jack so considering that it also is going to be having a dual front speakers now considering after removing the headphone jack that is more room to provide more speakers and stuff like that so I think that’s going to be a major addition and the feature that I’m most excited and waiting for and hope that it comes true is the 90% screen to body ratio now this along with the panels that some producers on its devices is going to make them look absolutely stunning no doubt and it’s going to be one of the best-looking smartphones if this feature is included for the next year and we get a glimpse of what it’s going to look like in the xiaomi mi mix so you know what you can expect from samsung and considering its level of design and sort of functionality you can expect this one to be an absolute stunning experience so what are your thoughts on them and what are the features that you are sort of expecting out of Samsung and which are you excited about? do let me know down in the comments section below and as usual do hit the like button if i provided some good information and hit the subscribe button for more similar content that is my osburn in this video and I’ll catch you guys on the next one till then stay awesome guys!.

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